CVHS Virtual Open Garden Tour: Kingfisher Oceanside Resort & Spa, Sept 4, 2020.

Landscape Designer and CVHS volunteer Arianne Huene offers her insights into the design of the Serenity Gardens at the Kingfisher Oceanside Resort & Spa, and speaks with her design partner, David Bossom, about the project’s installation.

CVHS Virtual Open Garden Tour: Gael & Rick’s Garden, Comox

Gael & Rick have increased their curb appeal with the profuse blooms of dahlias along their front yard, and are encouraging birds, bees, butterflies, and tree frogs to inhabit their gorgeous garden. Herbs, edibles, and ornamentals mingle in a colourful Comox display.

CVHS Virtual Open Garden Tour; Nina & Roy’s, Comox

Nina and Roy have created a garden that is a beautiful oasis for birds, bees and butterflies. With the help of Landscape Designer Karen Cummins, they have a gorgeous and productive space encircling their home. Using sustainable and organic gardening practices they produce an enormous amount of fruit and vegetables for themselves and to share. Native plant species are used throughout their garden to offer habitat and food for local wildlife.

CVHS Virtual Open Garden Tour: Barb & Ron’s Garden

The winners of our first summer photo contest event, Garden Shrubs & Trees, give us a tour of their lovely garden. Large established shrubs, sumptuous weeping vines, and the arching and romantic Kiftsgate Rose that won them the contest.

CVHS Virtual Open Garden Tour: Lorna & Rick’s Garden

Wander the gardens of Lorna and Rick in Courtenay, and see their fabulous veg patch, fruit trees and vines, glittering pergola and more!

CVHS Virtual Open Garden Tour – Colleen’s Garden

Come join us for a virtual wander and tour around Colleen’s well established 18 year old garden in Fanny Bay…

Open Garden Tours of 2019

For our 2019 season we had 14 members open their gardens over 8 weekends. Pretty impressive sharing!

Upon reflection, it seems that folks who were willing to share their gardens with the other members often prefaced that willingness with “my garden isn’t so special” or “I hope it will look good enough”. I was always delighted to tell them there is no standard for the open garden tours. We are all equal in that we are gardeners creating the outdoor sanctuaries that are special for us and our site and all gardens are welcome to be shared.

August 18, 2019: 1pm – 4pm

This is the garden and time to revel in the splendour and colour of 150 varieties of dahlias integrated into mixed plantings, apple trees and paths.