Roses by Silverlea

Dianne and Roland’s Garden

Roses at Silverlea – Dianne and Roland’s Garden

If you like roses, we think you will enjoy this post and video!

On June 19, 2021, we visited the garden of Dianne and Roland which they have given the lovely name of Roses at Silverlea. This is a beautiful, lush property in Ship’s Point south of Courtenay and is lucky to be part of a warm, moist micro climate sandwiched between Vancouver Island and Denman Island and regulated by the Salish Sea.

Although there are over 100 rose bushes (80 different varieties) in this garden, you don’t need to be a rose lover to find this garden fascinating. There are also nut trees, fig trees, original structures built by Roland and playful, rustic outdoor décor made by Dianne making every vista an interesting one. A cute roadside shop, “The Little Shop of Floras” containing curated “Girl Things and Curios” is open 24/7 at the time of filming — it was very tempting looking!

In this video, Roland discusses his favourite ten roses that are in bloom on the property.