Local Gardening Groups

Other gardening organizations in and around the Comox Valley

BC Council of Garden Clubs

The BC Council of Garden Clubs represents 200 garden clubs, allotment and community gardens in BC. The Council hosts an Annual General Meeting in the Spring and a General Meeting in the Fall. This provides an opportunity for member clubs to meet and exchange information, renew acquaintances and listen to great speakers on a number of topics relating to horticulture.

Campbell River Garden Club

Campbell River Garden Club is a forum for the gathering and sharing of local and expert gardening knowledge and materials during regular meetings, visits to gardens and nurseries, special projects and associated social events. 

Comox Valley Growers & Seed Savers

Comox Valley Growers & Seed Savers (CVGSS) mission is to conserve and preserve local plant diversity by encouraging and supporting public participation in growing heritage and non-hybrid food crops and other plants.

This is your “home-grown” resource for do-it-yourself organic food production and seed saving in the Comox Valley! Join the movement to save the diversity of our food crops by saving seeds from you favourite food crops and share them with your community. At CVGSS we share our knowledge, our experiences, good and bad, and we share our seeds.

Nanaimo Horticultural Society

The Nanaimo Horticulture Society is Nanaimo’s gardening “club”, we are devoted to growing beauty and fruitfulness. 

This is the place like minded people gather to learn about growing food, and making the world a more beautiful place through plants! We have been meeting since December 1946 but are far from old and stodgy, all ages are welcomed and encouraged. We share the earth and need to support and encourage each other in growing a healthier environment. A membership entitles you to attend our meetings and hear informative speakers, access our extensive library, have personal showings of private gardens and receive discounts at supporting garden related businesses.

Vancouver Island Bonsai Society

The Vancouver Island Bonsai Society is a learning-centered organization that encourages as many people as possible to enjoy and partake in the Bonsai hobby.

North Island Rhododendron Society

The North Island Rhododendron Society, a Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society, was founded in 1984 with the society’s charter received on October 20, 1984.  There were 13 founding memberships, including our current members Gwen Wright and Judith Walker.

Membership interest grew almost as fast as the plants, and by the summer of 1985 there were 26 regular memberships and 4 associate memberships. In recent years, our annual membership has averaged around 80 regular with 6 associate members.

Our chapter is one of seven chapters of the ARS (American Rhododendron Society) District 1 in British Columbia, including four others on Vancouver Island and two more on the lower mainland. Vancouver Island is one of the few areas in Canada where most rhododendrons can flourish.  If you’re new to rhododendrons, you’ll be amazed by the variety and beauty of these wonderful shrubs.