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Horticultural Society

Our purpose is to provide education, resources and networking opportunities for gardeners in the Comox Valley.

We are a down to earth group with a passion for gardening who want to learn, teach, share, help and inspire.

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P.O. Box 3443, Station Main, Courtenay, BC V9N 5N5

General Meetings are held on the third Monday of every month (with some exceptions)

Annual General Virtual Meeting: Monday, October 19

Monday, October 19, 20207 pmVirtual ZOOM MeetingAt Our Meeting Guests are always welcome, admission is $5.50 online at our store. 6:30 PM - Meet and Greet7:45 PM - Guest Speaker Presentation & question period9:00 PM - Meeting Finished

All in person CVHS Meetings, Workshops and Events cancelled due to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

All General Meetings have been cancelled until further notice. The Provincial Government is allowing small gatherings up to 50 people to proceed, with caution and appropriate social distancing measures. This does not mean our general meetings can proceed, as we typically have well over 100 people attending these events. The Florence Filberg Centre is still closed to the public, and they do not see this changing, or the resumption of public meetings of over 50 people happening anytime soon.

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Membership in the Comox Valley Horticultural Society offers the opportunity to learn more about gardening from local experts and speakers, as well as building friendships with fellow gardeners.


The Comox Valley Horticultural Society has been organized and run solely by dedicated volunteers for over 40 years!

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Our online forum is a way to meet other gardeners in the Comox Valley region, and trade advice, tips and connect. It is one of the best ways we can stay in touch and share what is happening in our gardens!

CVHS Virtual Open Garden Tour: Kingfisher Oceanside Resort & Spa, Sept 4, 2020.

Landscape Designer and CVHS volunteer Arianne Huene offers her insights into the design of the Serenity Gardens at the Kingfisher Oceanside Resort & Spa, and speaks with her design partner, David Bossom, about the project’s installation.

CVHS Virtual Open Garden Tour: Gael & Rick’s Garden, Comox

Gael & Rick have increased their curb appeal with the profuse blooms of dahlias along their front yard, and are encouraging birds, bees, butterflies, and tree frogs to inhabit their gorgeous garden. Herbs, edibles, and ornamentals mingle in a colourful Comox display.

CVHS Virtual Open Garden Tour; Nina & Roy’s, Comox

Nina and Roy have created a garden that is a beautiful oasis for birds, bees and butterflies. With the help of Landscape Designer Karen Cummins, they have a gorgeous and productive space encircling their home. Using sustainable and organic gardening practices they produce an enormous amount of fruit and vegetables for themselves and to share. Native plant species are used throughout their garden to offer habitat and food for local wildlife.

CVHS Virtual Open Garden Tour: Barb & Ron’s Garden

The winners of our first summer photo contest event, Garden Shrubs & Trees, give us a tour of their lovely garden. Large established shrubs, sumptuous weeping vines, and the arching and romantic Kiftsgate Rose that won them the contest.

CVHS Virtual Open Garden Tour: Lorna & Rick’s Garden

Wander the gardens of Lorna and Rick in Courtenay, and see their fabulous veg patch, fruit trees and vines, glittering pergola and more!

CVHS Virtual Open Garden Tour – Colleen’s Garden

Come join us for a virtual wander and tour around Colleen’s well established 18 year old garden in Fanny Bay…

Open Garden Tours of 2019

For our 2019 season we had 14 members open their gardens over 8 weekends. Pretty impressive sharing!

Upon reflection, it seems that folks who were willing to share their gardens with the other members often prefaced that willingness with “my garden isn’t so special” or “I hope it will look good enough”. I was always delighted to tell them there is no standard for the open garden tours. We are all equal in that we are gardeners creating the outdoor sanctuaries that are special for us and our site and all gardens are welcome to be shared.

August 18, 2019: 1pm – 4pm

This is the garden and time to revel in the splendour and colour of 150 varieties of dahlias integrated into mixed plantings, apple trees and paths.

Featured Member

Web Director: Lorna Doucette

Web Director: Lorna Doucette

My horticultural background is sketchy. It started at 18 when I moved out of the house and into my own tiny place near the beach in Little Qualicum…

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About Comox Valley Horticultural Society

When plant enthusiasts gather there is a great sharing of knowledge, experience and goals. The CVHS was founded for these very reasons in the year 1978 by a group of individuals focused on the desire to network in their horticultural industry and promote local gardening interests.

Summer 2020 Contest Winners: Garden Pets

The final event of our Summer 2020 contest, Garden Pets, is now concluded, and our members have voted! We are delighted to announce our winners…

What’s new in our gardens…

CVHS Plant Stand! 5000 Willis Way, Courtenay

CVHS Plant Stand! 5000 Willis Way, Courtenay

The little Farm Stand at 5000 Willis Way was started this Spring and has done so well. Thank you to everyone who contributed plants and thank you to everyone who dropped by and purchased plants. The CVHS has made over $1,200 to date and Darlene is still selling plants to support the club.
If you have plants you can divide, now is a great time to do that. You can save them for the Spring if we have a Club Sale, failing that we can sell them at the stand next Spring.

If they are just starting to get established in their pots and you have room to overwinter them, please do so, if you don’t have the room, you can drop them off just inside Darlene’s gate and she will babysit them until they can be sold. Labeling the plants is also very much appreciated.
If they are just starting to get established in their pots and you have room to overwinter them, please do so, if you don’t have the room, you can drop them off just inside Darlene’s gate and she will babysit them until they can be sold. Labeling the plants is also very much appreciated.

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Our Next Speaker


CANCELLED: Sauerkraut Making Workshop with Gordon Stewart

CANCELLED: Sauerkraut Making Workshop with Gordon Stewart

CANCELLED: Are you at a loss as to what to do with a bumper cabbage crop? Or a bumper crop of some other vegetables? This workshop will introduce you to the wonderful art of lacto- fermentation, and how it can be used to preserve not only the crop, but the nutritional value of the vegetable.

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Our Next Speaker