August 19, 2024 – with Leslie Cox, ‘Duchess of Dirt’


August 19, 2024

Leslie Cox – Stellar Colour in the Fall Garden

Just because the growing season is winding down, there is no excuse for a lack of pizzazz in your garden. 

Fall weather is a cool blessing after the high heat of summer…encouraging garden visitors to wander in the garden, or simply sit and enjoy. So why wouldn’t the gardener plan for a late-season encore?

This presentation will take you on a wander through a few gardens, pinpointing some desirable plant specimens that strut their form throughout summer and into fall, and showcasing those plants that largely wait until early fall to take centre stage in the garden.

About Leslie Cox:

First and foremost, Leslie Cox is a gardener passionate about plants and nature. But she also loves to share her knowledge about plants, insects and the art of gardening through her workshops and presentations to garden clubs and organizations. Leslie, along with her husband John, were the driving force behind the “Green Sprouts School Garden Program” in SD71, which taught over 2,000 students and teachers all about soil stewardship and how to grow food organically. 

Since March 2004, she has been writing a gardening column that has been appearing regularly in the Comox Valley Record newspaper under her pen name, Duchess of Dirt. She has also written articles for several magazines, including Gardens West and Canadian Living, as well as for an English gardening website (now defunct) and her website,

She is also an accomplished author and her book, Duchess of Dirt: The Record Years, was self-published in November 2019. It is a compilation of some of her Duchess of Dirt columns. A second book, Duchess of Dirt: The Record Years II, is now in the works.

Please join us on Monday, August 19, 2024, as Leslie, aka The Duchess of Dirt, will help us see the value of planting for an autumn showcase of colour in our gardens.


For those attending in-person: Garden Arrangements Display and Contest!
Contest for top 3 arrangements, voted on by members present


This will be a ‘hybrid’ in-person and Zoom meeting:

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IN-PERSON Meeting: Doors will open at 6:30 pm, meeting starts at 7:15 pm.


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Please join us!

Janelle Gardner