November 18, 2024 – All the Ways We Water the Garden

with Allison Luke


November 18, 2024

Allison Luke – All the ways we water the garden: strategic and smart watering practices taken from UBC Botanical Garden. 

With so many different types of gardens that range in style, values, size, and aspect, it’s difficult to prescribe a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to watering. Fortunately, there are many strategies to take within the irrigation toolkit. Using examples straight from UBC Botanical Garden, we’ll look at a spectrum of irrigation systems and smart watering practices. After all, a botanical garden is a collection of smaller gardens, each with its own distinct character, microclimate, and plant palette; chances are, you’ll find something that applies to your space too.

With over 20 years of experience working outdoors, Allison’s career has spanned both the private and public spheres.  Certified as a Red Seal Horticulturalist and ISA Certified Arborist, she has held positions at Queen Elizabeth Park, VanDusen Botanical Garden, and most recently as Principal Instructor of the Horticulture Training Program at UBC Botanical Garden. As an educator and storyteller passionate about botanical literacy and hands on practical skills,  she regularly leads workshops and tree tours for the public, businesses, and garden clubs.

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Allison Luke