September 19, 2022 Cynthia White – All About Tomatoes

September 19, 2022


Everything You Always Wanted to Know but Were Afraid to Ask – with Cynthia White


Cynthia White will talk about tomatoes, the most commonly home-grown vegetable (technically a fruit). In 2020, 187 million metric tonnes were produced worldwide. Cynthia is a professional writer and the Senior Content Writer for Cityline Websites. Researching topics and then writing about them is what she does for a living. For this presentation, she has interviewed three leading tomato scientists, and she will cover tomato history, taxonomy, nutrition, choosing cultivars, growing, staking, pests, diseases and other problems, and preserving tomatoes at the end of the season. Cynthia has had excellent results growing several different tomato varieties here in Courtenay.

Cynthia’s interest in horticulture dates back to when she was living in Calgary in the 1990s where she was frustrated with the Zone 3a climate and neighborhood bylaws which restricted what she could grow outside. So, she started growing corn in barrel pots by her front door and growing and flowering Encyclia orchids and African violets inside under artificial light. After joining a local African violet group on a lark, she became active and started competing with African violets, traveling across North America for conferences. She also managed the listserv for the (international) Gesneriad Society for several years. She is very proud of her newly minted Master’s degree in English and Creative Writing. Cynthia is American and Canadian and moved to Canada from France in 1991. She lives on a small acreage in the Comox Valley since 2010 where she is gradually implementing some permaculture practices.


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Cynthia White