August 15, 2022 Jane Kerr – What’s in a Name?

August 15, 2022

What’s in a Name – What are Plant Names Trying to tell you? – with Jane Kerr

What do those plant names really tell you? You can tell a lot about a plant by its name.  Join Jane for some fascinating history on plant naming conventions and just some fun facts about plants.

Jane started gardening when she was very young. Her grandfather was a wonderful gardener and she was always happy to visit his garden, cut some flowers for her Mom, pick crabapples for making jelly or dig up some potatoes and carrots to take home. It was also a great place to play with the family dog.  Her greatest accomplishment as a young gardener was to grow a small watermelon. Of course, the frost got it before it was ripe (this was the Prairies after all) but Jane was hooked.

As a young married woman many decades later, plants still provide her with a sense of well-being and nourish her body and soul. Jane loves researching plants as much as growing them and despite some plant failures over the past year (which she is blaming on the crazy weather) continues to find new treasures to bring home.

Jane is a past Director of the Calgary Horticultural Society as well as the CVHS. She is currently a Director for the Vancouver Island Master Gardeners Association as well as their North Island District Planner.



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Jane Kerr