June 20, 2022 Allan Campbell – Intro to Permaculture

June 20, 2022

Introduction to Permaculture and How to Implement it here on Vancouver Island

Permaculture….it is a BIG word and FASCINATING topic.  In his presentation, Allan Campbell, went over permaculture basics and how permaculture design can be applied to our own yards, the benefits of companion planting, plant guilds, and how nature does things. 

Allan Campbell graduated in Texas, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2007.  For many years he worked as a production engineer in the Energy Industry and then for an IT consulting company that specialized in environmental compliance.  A few years ago he relocated to Costa Rica, where he began designing and installing permaculture systems for the local community.  He is now working in his dream job for a Permaculture Company where he designs large permaculture systems for commercial clients, worldwide.  Locally he is helping one of our CVHS members create a permaculture system for her orchard and vegetable garden, starting with strategies to use water more efficiently and improve the soil.

Permaculture is not only a way of growing, it is a way of living.  It is a whole system design science that focuses on efficiency and the well-being of all living things within the system.  It was coined in the seventies by Bill Mollison and David Holgrem by merging the words Permanent and Agriculture.  The definition is ever-evolving and the practice of permaculture takes many forms.  In essence, it is a set of ethics…Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share set the principles that guide everything, that Allan does. Permaculture is about working with nature instead of against it and allowing nature to teach us and applying these teachings to our lives and especially our food production systems.