March 21, 2022 – Cathrine Featherby, All About Dahlias

March 21, 2022

All About Dahlias, with Cathrine Featherby

Being a thirty-year veteran of Dahlia growing brings bouquets of insight and intel on one of history’s most curious flowers, the flower of love!  The absolute beauty, variety, and adaptability of the Dahlia have encouraged devoted growers all over the world. The CV Horticultural Society is thrilled to have the founder of the Victoria Dahlia Society, Cathrine Featherby, as our presenter on Monday, March 21st, at 7:00 pm via Zoom.  

Would you know how much water to give your dahlias to prevent tuber rot?  Would you know, how to divide dahlia tubers? Or how about how to tell if your tubers are healthy? Or whether to dig them up or leave your tubers in the ground over the winter?  Join us at this meeting and get answers to all your Dahlia questions.

Cathrine was born and raised in Victoria BC. From the age of 12, when her father taught her how to prune, she has been hooked and excited about gardening, especially flower gardens.  Cathrine successfully shows her Dahlias and is a Senior Judge. She has a passion for providing others with the knowledge on how to develop strong plants so they can enjoy their fantastic blooms.


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Please join us!


Cathrine Featherby - Dahlia growing