September 20, 2021: Leslie Cox

The Good, The Bad and the Downright Pesky

The Good, the Bad and the Downright Pesky , with Leslie Cox

According to the Smithsonian Institute scientists have conservatively estimated there are 200 million insects for every one human on planet Earth. There are not nearly those excessive millions of insects in our tiny portion of the planet but definitely enough to cause gardeners alarm and worry for their plants.

Thankfully, not every insect is destructive. Many species do a lot of good in the garden…and save the gardener a lot of work. But how can we tell the good ones from bad? Many insects have a series of growth stages with some not looking anything like the full-grown adult of their species when they emerge from the egg.

In this presentation Leslie Cox will showcase numerous insects found in our region. They will be divided into Good Bug, Bad Bug and Downright Pesky categories so you will know which insects need to be dealt with and which ones are to be encouraged to multiply.


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This is a virtual Zoom presentation not to be missed, particularly at this time when home food gardening has significantly increased everywhere. Please join us!