Dividing Daylilies

Dividing Daylilies with Darlene

On March 10, the CVHS Virtual Garden Chores Team visited the garden of Darlene who shows us how to divide daylilies in this seven-minute YouTube video.

The daylily requiring ‘surgery’ was an ‘Evening Bell’ that was about ten years old and very root bound (Darlene was able to pot up 25 individual plants following the filming of the video). Darlene advises that the best method for dividing is to use a pitch fork along with another pitchfork or a spade and pry the clump apart after digging the root ball up. Then tease the individual plants apart. You should be quite ruthless when choosing which specimens to keep—don’t bother keeping the sprouts that are poor looking or broken. When you replant, provide a dose of bone meal.

The potted-up daylilies that did not end up replanted into Darlene’s garden were put out for sale on the CVHS Farm Stand in North Courtenay. The ‘Evening Bell’ Daylily is yellow and has 100’s of flowers per stem.