Effective Use of Dormant Oil

Effective Use of Dormant Oil with Frank

In this video CVHS member, Frank, explains why and how to use dormant oil to help control a variety of pests that may overwinter on your fruit trees such as aphids, mealybug, thrips, whiteflies, adelgids, caterpillar eggs, leafhoppers, scale and mites. Spraying also helps to prevent fungal diseases, which are very common here in the Pacific Northwest.

The spray should be applied before the buds break and should occur when the daily temperature is at least 4C and will stay above freezing for 24 hours. It’s best to spray in the morning so the tree will have time to dry before a cold night. Also do not spray in high winds or when rain could wash the oil off before it has dried. Most importantly of all is to read the instructions!