March 15, 2021 Greg Baute,

Aurora Cannabis


Greg Baute, Senior Director of Breeding and Genetics at Aurora Cannabis.

Greg will speak on “Cannabis breeding catch-up, bringing modern breeding tools to cannabis”.

Have you ever wondered what the purpose of that huge greenhouse near the Comox Valley Airport is for?  Well, it’s called the Aurora Coast which is a one-of-a-kind, dedicated breeding facility for cannabis science.

Greg reminds us that because cannabis has only been legal to grow on a large scale since October of 2018, the plant has not had the decades of breeding and biological research that other crops have had. He will also enlighten us on his role in the development of cannabis cultivars with the goals of improving crop yields, gaining resistance to disease and pests, and more.  To quote Decafnation, “to fully understand Baute, you need to know that there’s another, equally powerful side to his scientific mind; his imagination. He is dreaming about what’s possible beyond existing knowledge”.


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Greg Baute, PhD, Cannabis Innovation Centre