June 21, 2021: Natasha Asseltine, Nutritionist

Health Benefits of Eating in Season

June 21, 2021:  Natasha Asseltine, Nutritionist

The Comox Valley is a haven of fresh ingredients when it comes to food from our local farms, farm stands, weekly markets and our own gardens.  Come and be inspired about how you too, can ‘eat nutritionally within each season of the year’.  June’s presenter to the CV Horticultural Society, is Natasha Asselstine (BA, RHN), a Holistic Nutritionist trained at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, and is based in North Vancouver, BC.

She is the creator of the In Season Agenda, an annual day planner designed to inspire BC residents to shop from their farmers market, grow their own food and live in harmony with the seasons. She is a board director at FarmFolk CityFolk, a not-for-profit society that connects, empowers, and inspires people to strengthen BC’s sustainable food systems.

After years of feeling unwell, she turned her attention to natural healing by eating a Whole Foods Diet, which is what has made her feel better again. Natasha is passionate about the values of seasonal living and is committed to incorporating these principles into her own life. She deeply believes in the holistic benefits of living slow, growing your own food, cooking from scratch, and knowing your local farmers.

This presentation will be rich with cooking methods, tips, recipes and other resources that will inspire you to embrace a seasonal way of eating and gain a fuller appreciation for the bounty available from around the Comox Valley.



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