April 19, 2021: Linda Gilkeson – “Resilient Gardens in a Changing Climate”

Dr. Linda Gilkeson of West Coast Gardening

“Resilient Gardens in a Changing Climate”

‘Change’, it is the one thing that is constant in our world.  Have you noticed that some of your reliable and dependable shrubs and plants seem to be struggling or have completely died away? The CVHS (CV Horticultural Society) is excited to have Dr. Linda Gilkeson join us on Monday April 19th,  via zoom at 7:00pm, to discuss how to design resilient gardens in a time of global and regional climate change.  

 What does climate change mean for our food gardens and landscape plants?  Dr. Gilkeson will discuss how extreme weather affects plants, including trees and how to design your food and ornamental gardens, now, looking to the years ahead.  She will also touch on how to help your plants survive unusual weather and ways that gardeners can help mitigate climate change itself.

Dr. Gilkeson earned her Ph.D. in Entomology from McGill University in 1986 before moving to BC.  She has an impressive and extensive list of accreditations from working in the Provincial Government, promoting the reduction and elimination of pesticides (and was awarded the Queen’s Jubilee medal for her work) to writing a number of best-selling books, conducting many workshops, and doing private consultations. We are excited to glean hints of a flourishing gardening future as she speaks from her years of dedication and experience. 

Linda now devotes her time to writing, teaching, and consulting.  Check out her comprehensive gardening books, Backyard Bounty: The Complete Guide to year-Round Organic Gardening in the Pacific Northwest or her more recent book; Resilient Gardens: Pollinator Gardens, Garlic Diseases, Pest Update. 


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