2021 Garden Trends

It’s safe to say that 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone.  And perhaps those of us that have gardens to tend, relax in, eat from, play in, and work in have had an easier time than some.

It’s interesting that Instagram, the photo sharing app that has over one billion users, has tracked the use of garden-related hashtags and reports that garden-related searches have increased by 39% over last year.  It reports that the most popular hashtags, listed in ascending order, are:

#cottagegarden (37,021 posts)

#greygarden (45,124 posts)

#windowsillgarden (48,432 posts)

#whitegarden (51,750)

#permaculturegarden (76,576 posts)

#raisedbedgarden (78,910 posts)

#tinygarden (80,752 posts)

#insideoutside (83,731 posts)

#wildgarden (91,777 posts)

#balconygardening (96,817 posts)

While many gardeners in the Comox Valley likely have larger gardens than the majority of Instagram users (small is a bit of a theme, above), it’s notable that the above subjects reveal that gardening is occurring everywhere and by lots of people—and that most definitely is a good thing!

Garden Design, a US company that has a great website, publishes newsletters, has a popular social media presence, and provides garden education, lists these nine top trends in gardening, confirming that our gardens are even more important during this time of physical distancing:

Getting Kids Involved

Adding More Houseplants

Learning and Buying Online

Choosing One Colour and Going For It.

Getting Creative With Containers

Growing Food in All Kinds of Spaces

Creating Your Own Garden Getaway

Gardening Sustainably

Gardening. Period

To read the full article, click here: Top Garden Trends for 2021 | Garden Design

Note:  The photos here were taken from two lovely gardens visited by the CVHS virtual garden tour team this past summer.


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