Lorna Doucette – Social Media Director

At 18, I planted a pack of zinnias in a south-facing bed and they exploded into a colourful mass. I received a summer full of endless beauty and was bitten by the gardening bug. Then reality set in—I settled into a relationship, a career, moved to the lower mainland, and had time only for potting up annuals. Upon retirement, we moved to Whistler, where the growing season is short. I grew vegetables in a small greenhouse, started seedlings in a crawlspace with a self-watering system and florescent lights, and had a small, rock-filled flower garden. Immersive Zone 5 gardening is challenging!

In 2018, we moved back to the Island onto a property with a lovely established garden. We added our touch with new raised beds, some fruit trees, and many yards of sea soil.  We’ve been rewarded with a fantastic return of food and beauty—and we are loving the lushness and abundance of our new home.