Cheryl Fink – Director, Membership Greeter

Even as a young grade one student at Comox Elementary, I felt bitten by the gardening ‘bug’
upon winning a corn-growing contest that year. You must admit, that despite this past year, and
the ample hours many of us have spent in our gardens, there is always something that needs our attention. A garden is forever changing and so do we with it. The help that a garden gives us is profound not only in bounty and beauty but in our own well-being. It is such a blessing to have some ‘space’ to escape to that completely allows our minds to wander and wonder. Like
the tree frog croaking out its’ little song, the sounds of gently moving water in the corner of the yard, the hummingbird enjoying its’ happy hour drink, or watching the dragonflies as they thwart the intentions of a stealthy cat. These are the simple things in a gardener’s life that are powerful and free.

My husband Chris and I are now trying to create our own little oasis in Comox. So it was a natural thing for us to join the local gardening club. We should have joined earlier, as we have learned so much since 2010. A few years in, I took the step from being an attending member to being involved with CVHS activities by volunteering on one of the committees. This step brought my experience and joy of being a member to a whole new level. It has been a wonderful series of experiences from organizing the Membership Committee and greeting members, to weeding with the Herb Garden Committee at Filberg Park, and creating Publicity for the club.

I would encourage any member who has not yet committed some volunteer time, to consider it… as lifelong friendships and knowledge are right at your fingertips. I look forward to meeting you and to continue helping our club be the success it is today.

Cheryl Fink