February 24, 2020: Joan Wynden: “The Deer Resistant, Pollinator Friendly Garden”, and Winter Bouquet Contest

February 24, 2020

There is colour out there in those winter gardens! Put your designers cap on and create a bouquet of winter splendor to share at our February meeting! Our Guest Speaker will be Master Gardener and plantswoman extraordinaire, Joan Wynden.

The Deer Resistant, Pollinator Friendly Garden 


– RHS: Plants for Pollinators (by season)

Rutgers University: Landscape Plants Rate by Deer Resistance

We’ll delve into the particular characteristics of blossoms that draw pollinators- the variety of petal and flower types that fit the needs of various pollinators. We’ll  explore other considerations necessary for making a pollinator-friendly habitat throughout the seasons. The various traits of plants that repel or deter deer will be examined, and we’ll strategize about how these plants can be placed in the garden for maximum effect.

Lastly, we’ll look at a selection of plants that fit both criteria. Once familiar with these traits and characteristics, your next trip to the nursery shouldn’t be such a guessing game

Joan Wynden has been a Master Gardener for over 10 years, and received a Permaculture Design Certificate in 2012.
A quarter-acre property is entirely in garden, and offers ample opportunities to watch the wonders of nature unfold.

Grow’N Show Winter Bouquet of Blooms Show and Contest
What: The Grow ‘n’ Show is sponsoring a member’s only Winter Bouquet Show & Contest.

This is an opportunity for members to showcase what is in their winter gardens. We all know that compared to much of Canada our winters are milder and Spring comes earlier. Whether it be winter jasmine, or witch hazel, we have a whole host of shrubs and early bulbs putting on a brave face in the middle of our
winter season.

No need to limit yourself to just your garden. In the wild you can find wild rose hips, red osier twigs and a variety of evergreen foliage. Let you imagination run wild and make a bouquet reflecting the season and our unique climate!

Sorry no indoor or greenhouse material for this contest.

When: To be displayed and judged at our February 24th General Meeting.

How: Doors will open at 6:00 pm for members to bring their entries, where there will be tables to display them on. Doors for the general public and members not entering the contest will open at 6:30pm. Results of the judging will be given after the speaker has finished.

The winner will be selected by a “people’s choice” with each member allowed one vote.

Prizes: $25 and all the bragging rights you can carry out the door!
Note this contest replaces the regular Grow ‘n’ Show table for our February meeting.