Gerry Chwelos – Outstanding Contributions 2019

Gerry Chwelos was awarded the first Outstanding Contributions award of the Comox Valley Horticultural Society in 2019.

I am delighted to have the honour of presenting our very first CVHS Volunteer of the Year award. This member has had a huge impact in a relatively short time frame. Since 2015, he has volunteered to be our secretary and acting treasurer, but that pales in comparison to his enormous contributions to our Gardens in Bloom tours in 2016 and 2019. His was the master mind behind the production and printing of our tickets and posters ( a gigantic task), promotions,  sponsorships, and was my “go to” guy with the answers to all my questions and fears. 

He never hesitates to offer insightful opinions and suggestions at our Board meetings, at times accompanied by a wry comment,  and usually sticks his hand up, if asked to take the lead with a special project, like the 2018 Membership Survey, designing our On Line Store on our website, or  improving our Logo. He has done countless tasks behind the scenes, cheerfully, without any need for recognition. He claims to NOT be a gardener, but our Society has certainly grown much stronger, due to his dedication and support. Please join us in thanking our Volunteer of the Year, Gerry Chwelos.

Gerry Chwelos