Roger Griffiths: The Channel Islands and the Keukenhof Gardens

September 16, 2019

Roger Griffiths will be presenting on the Channel Islands and the Keukenhof Gardens in Holland, and will be talking about tulips. Also, Members Competition of Garden Produce.

UPDATE Sept 17, 2019:
Roger presented a beautiful and hilarious slideshow of his trip to Holland.

A few links of interest:  To order tulips from Holland:

For direct order of bulbs: FLOWERBULBSHOLLAND.COM

Our members brought a rainbow of produce to display for judging, and prizes were handed out for:

  • the gnarliest, most contorted entry
  • the largest or longest of its kind (longest bean, largest tomato, largest squash, etc
  • the most unusual fruit or vegetable
  • People’s Choice

Congratulations to our winners! 

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