Come soil yourself at the CVHS AGM!

October 15, 2018

For our October 15 meeting, in addition to it being our annual general meeting, we are going to be hosting our Fall Soil Social where you can learn about our most requested topics – composting and soil amendments.
Introducing Mason Bees, with All Morton

We have gathered a variety of experts to present their ideas and products to you at a one-on-one level. Presented in a “mini trade show” format, members will be free to roam table-to-table asking questions and taking notes. There will also be products available for purchase.

Doors will open at 6:30 pm for members and guests. There is no formal speaker for the evening, but each expert will be talking about their product and how to improve your soil. We will start the AGM around 7:30 pm – this portion of the meeting will be relatively quick so we can all get back to talking to the experts.

Confirmed expert participants are:

  • Welcome Harvest Farm, Texada Island (organic fertilizers)
  • SpeediBin Composter, Comox Valley
  • The Organic Gardener’s Pantry, Victoria (Effective Microorganisms and organic fertilizers)
  • Campbell River Compost Education Centre
  • Society for Organic Urban Land Care, Canadian non-profit organization (SOUL – information on organic horticultural practices)

In addition, our very own Master Gardener, Joan Wynden will be running a “compost potluck”. Please bring about 2 cups of finished compost in a container with your name on it. All the compost will be mixed together, which will maximize the biodiversity of the critters that create compost. Containers will be refilled, ready to take home and added back into your compost, thereby enriching the microbiota in your compost.