Volunteer Opportunities

The Comox Valley Horticultural Society has been organized and run solely by dedicated volunteers for over 35 years!
As our October Annual General Meeting approaches, we elect and solicit volunteers for a variety of positions that may be open.  Brief descriptions of each position are listed below.  Please note that not all positions are open every year:
Newsletter Editor (see below for details)
Workshop Coordinator (see below for details)
Also available are
Newsletter Editor: Duties include: Prepares the newsletter for CVHS members; Advises Board and Committee members that the deadline for newsletter submission is the first Friday of every month; Edits articles submitted by Committees for inclusion in the newsletter ; Edits year end reports from every Committee submitted for the October newsletter; Edits advertisements from members and paid advertisers; Advises advertisers of advertising rates; Searches out ideas or articles (or series of articles) that would be of interest to members; Sends PDF version to Membership Communications Chair who will send the newsletter out to members prior to the General Meeting; Submits the edited version of the Program submission for the current month’s Guest Speaker and if possible, next month’s Guest Speaker; Submits a “web edition” of the newsletter to the Webmaster; send a PDF version to the Webmaster at
webmaster@comoxvalleyhortsociety.ca; Attends the monthly Board Meeting or submits a report to the Secretary in time for the Board Meeting (first Wednesday of every month except July and December).

WORKSHOP COORDINATOR: Duties include: Surveys members for ideas on workshops in the future; Sets up workshops (either in conjunction with Guest Speaker or seasonal interest); Ensures all workshop participants are current CVHS members;
Ensures all workshops run on a break-even basis including facility expenses, if any; Submits receipts for all expenses to the Treasurer; Submits articles to the Newsletter Editor ( newsletter@comoxvalleyhortsociety.ca ) ; Attends the monthly Board Meeting or submits a report to the Secretary in time for the Board

If you have any questions about volunteering in any of these positions, please do not hesitate to contact our President at president@comoxvalleyhortsociety.ca.