Cynthia White – Programming

I am new to the CVHS, but I have been an avid plant enthusiast for many years. After 20 years in Calgary (USDA Garden Zone 3a), I am delighted to live in the Comox Valley now (12 years) with my husband and two special-needs bulldogs. I live on a small acreage with many fruit trees, especially apples, and an ever-expanding vegetable garden in raised beds. I admit to a tomato obsession. I am also interested in indoor plants, breeding plants, and I used to compete with African violets. My husband and I are currently implementing some permaculture principles outside.

For other interests, I work part-time as a business writer, and I am finishing my Master’s degree in English. From May through September, I work and study on my deck, under an umbrella, and surrounded by an overabundance of pots and flowers. I volunteered with the CVHS because it’s a great way to find other like-minded individuals with whom to discuss and trade plants. I encourage members to volunteer for some of the various positions with the CVHS. By volunteering you help the organization to grow and thrive—just like your garden.