Judy Chrysler – Library Co-Chair

As I am never far from a print book or a plant, I feel really at home being one of the CVHS library volunteers. It is a distinct pleasure to volunteer with Julie Gibson.

I am an Air Force brat. On the move every three years or so, I experienced many gardening zones without the concurrent knowledge of gardening in those zones.

I arrived in the Comox Valley in 1969 with the rest of my family for our Dad’s last posting. It rained that summer for what seemed like 40 days. I do remember, as a Comox teenager playing classical music to our strawberry plants like Prince Charles was in England.

Speed up to 2017. I bought a corner lot house on a cul de sac with my husband, Kelly. There was not a veggie garden or even a rhubarb plant. We have spent the past few years establishing four raised beds and a berry patch. With the CVHS plant sales and the opportunity table sales, I have been able to grow both my outdoor garden and my indoor house plant collection.

Judy Chrysler