Julie Gibson – Library Co-Chair

Both my parents and grandparents were avid gardeners so while I did my share of chores, I grew familiar with basic horticultural practices and the many seasonal tasks. 

However, a serious gardening interest didn’t take hold until I bought my first house.
With a demanding career, there wasn’t much time for gardening but the hours I found provided great stress relief and a connection to nature that I found vital for my well being.
Planning for retirement, gardening was high on my list of desired pursuits as was relocating to a climate where I could garden for more than 4 months of the year.

Coming from the prairies, my husband and I were somewhat naive about a few less desirable aspects of west coast living. We discovered with dismay, our first priority would be eradicating the invasive species that had taken hold. Then came the snow, which of course we were used to, just not the heavy wet kind that snapped branches off an 80 foot fir like they were twigs. Or finding a rat in the shed and racoons living beneath it, egads!
But any 2nd thoughts quickly faded when I found flowers blooming in January and bulbs and perennials emerging soon after. I couldn’t identify a fraction of my plants so I immediately joined the CVHS. I’ve acquired a wealth of local gardening knowledge from the amazing network of experienced gardeners, guest speakers, workshops, by visiting members’ gardens and utilizing the lending library. Add to this the discounts at retailers and services throughout the Valley and my membership is invaluable.

I sat on the Gardens in Bloom committee last year and am currently assisting with the library.
I’ve learned to embrace the bugs, critters, endless weeds and winter rain because now I can find beauty and joy in my garden throughout the year!

Julie Gibson