Linda Graf – Membership Chair

Although my parents always had a garden in the Okanagan, where I grew up, my own gardening experience didn’t start until I moved to the Arctic. There I delighted in eating lettuce and carrots from my little greenhouse. I glowed with pride when I produced twelve cobs of corn and two pumpkins. I participated in North America’s first community greenhouse north of the Arctic Circle filling my 8’ x 4’ garden box with peas, beets and tomatoes. Our growing season ran from early June after the snowmelt until mid-September when temperatures started to dip below zero again.

Now with words of wisdom from the guest speakers, Master Gardeners, Forum friends and fellow gardening enthusiasts, I bravely tackle four-season gardening, four-season weeds, crop rotation, composting, deer and bunnies. I have learned to hate slugs and love horsetails. Being a relative newcomer to the Comox Valley, I enjoy the comradery and gardening knowledge that blossoms via the CVHS and have served as its Membership Chair for several years.

Linda Graf - Membership Chair