Jane Kerr – Secretary

I have been gardening for almost a half-century, and one of my chores as a child was weeding the garden. It is still one of my favorite things to do though I am finding it is much “weedier” here than in Alberta and of course the gardening season is almost year-round.

Being on a property that isn’t fenced is a challenge but so far the deer, bunnies, rats, and I are learning to co-exist. Things nibbled and fruits disappearing inevitably lead to a shake of the head and a … ”oh well, there is always next year”. Though I am not sure that I will ever come to accept the never-ending battle with buttercups, horsetail, and bindweed with any grace.

I am so thankful to other gardeners who give their time and advice and a cup of tea when needed (socially distanced now of course). One never stops learning and nature always changes things up for us….isn’t it wonderful. This is one of the reasons why I joined the CVHS. There is just so much knowledge readily shared and the odd plant or two as well. 

Happy Gardening!

Jane Kerr - Secretary