Frank Hovenden – Program Chair

Gardening is in my genes through my late father.  He always had a backyard vegetable garden.  I remember him returning dog tired from a long day’s work and having supper.  He would then change into his gardening overalls and be rejuvenated after a couple of hours of garden chores.  Gardeners know there is healing magic in the soil.

I studied forestry at the University of New Brunswick and spent most of my working life with the big trees on Vancouver Island.   Retirement saw me switch from big trees to small trees.  My passion is bonsai, growing trees in pots.

Retirement gave me more time in the Comox Valley to help with the Society.  I have served as Secretary and currently am the Program Chair.  We have a great Society with some very talented people and I am happy to play a small part in it.

Frank Hovenden - Program Chair