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My horticultural background is sketchy. It started at 18 when I moved out of the house and into my own tiny place near the beach in Little Qualicum...

I planted a pack of zinnias in a south facing bed. They exploded into a colourful mass and I received a summer full of endless beauty and a lot of compliments. I was bitten by the gardening bug. Then reality set in, I settled into a relationship, a career, moved to the mainland, and had time only for potting up annual hanging baskets. Upon retirement, we moved to Whistler, where the growing season is very short and quite challenging. I dabbled growing vegetables in containers in a small greenhouse (not too successful), growing seedings in our crawlspace with a self watering system and florescent lights (somewhat successful), and finally figuring out that the hot, south facing under-cover deck was the best growing area and that only certain types of plants thrive in a zone 5-ish area.

In September 2018, we moved back to the Island and into a house with a lovely established garden with fruit trees, a stunning grape arbour, and many gorgeous perennials. This past spring, we added three raised beds, had four yards of sea soil delivered, planted some veggies, and have been rewarded with a fantastic return of food and beauty. We enjoyed our time away from the Island but are loving the lushness and abundance of our new home.

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