Gardens in Bloom Chair: Dee Horie

Dee Horie has been in love with the outdoors forever! She owes this gardening passion to her Mom, remembering that she would be weeding even in the dark with a flashlight and hoe ...

… digging non-stop in her beautiful Horseshoe shaped gardens back in Niagara Falls. I did not recognize my addiction, until Pat and I bought our first house together in Port Coquitlam in 1992. He dug out a water garden by hand which flourished with water lilies and goldfish, until the raccoons came to visit. We retired to Arden Road here in 2003 and redid all the garden spaces, then did it all over again in our present location, 3 years ago. I was almost always first in line at the Spring and Fall Plant Sales at the Legion, and loved to wander around all the plants and people.

I got invited to a CVHS meeting during “Spring A Friend” in 2016, and at the October AGM stuck up my hand for Publicity Chair. It was a very satisfying way to contribute over the next 2 years, and as a Director, a very enlightening experience with the Board. I appreciate the opportunity to contribute and grow my own personal gardening skills and knowledge. Currently, as Chair of Gardens in Bloom, with our amazing support team, we are gearing up for our fantastic Fall Garden Tour on Sept. 21-22. Please help us support our community and CVHS, as we raise funds for non-profit organizations and schools, in support of their horticultural activities and garden projects.

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