January 21, 2013: Dr. Thierry Vrain – “The Gene Revolution”

This month, we are pleased to have a return visit form Dr. Thierry Vrain.  His topic will be “The Gene Revolution.”

In corporate life, Thierry was the genetic engineer that headed up the Bio-Tech Department in agricultural research for the Government of Canada.

In this presentation Thierry will explain his project work over many years ago to develop plants resistant to nematode pests that had previously required the use of toxic chemicals to control.  He will present details of the crops and the horticultural traits that were engineered at the time and how that was accomplished.  Based on Referencing recent scientific research, he will examine the success and status of this technology.  He will also present recent scientific studies that counter claims that engineered crops are safe, increase yields, decrease pesticide use and are benign to the environment.

This will be a thought provoking topic that will captivate the audience.