Upcoming Speakers:

October 15, 2018: Fall Soil Social Event – Come soil yourself with the CVHS!

  • End the CVHS year on an informative and fun note! Our most requested topic is compost and soil amendments, so we are gathering a variety of experts to present their ideas and products to you at one-on-one level. Presented in a “mini trade show” format, members will be free to roam table to table asking questions and taking notes. There will be products available for purchase.
  • There will be no speaker this evening, but there will be some quick official AGM business.
  • Confirmed participants (more to come!):
    • Welcome Harvest Farm (organic fertilizers)
    • SpeediBin Composter
    • The Organic Gardener’s Pantry (Effective Microorganisms and organic fertilizers)

Past Speakers Archive:

Here is a list of speakers we have enjoyed in the past….