Upcoming Speakers:

March 19th, 2018

  • Zac Kregosky – “Xeriscape”
  • As our summers get hotter and water resources lessen, it will be even more important that we make the right decisions in our gardens. A garden should provide as much enjoyment as possible, while impacting our environment as little as possible. A great garden starts in the soil, and if done right, it should require little care. Attendees will learn about plant physiology and how it relates to making waterwise choices. The next important consideration is site exposure; choosing the right plant for the right location is key to creating a thriving garden. We will examine types of plants and specific plants ideal for xeriscape gardening. I firmly believe in and practice being a lazy gardener.

April 16th, 2018

  • David Polster, ecological restoration specialist – “Natural Processes for the Restoration of Drastically Disturbed Sites”
  • http://polsterenvironmental.com/
  • Natural processes have been restoring disturbed sites for millions of years. By understanding how these processes operate, effective strategies for the treatment of human disturbances can be developed. This talk will include information on how these systems can be used to treat local slumps and slides.

Past Speakers Archive:

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