May 16, 2016: Dianne Gaines – “Small Fruits in the Garden”

6:45 p.m.    Meet ‘n’ Greet
7:30 p.m.    Announcements and Club business
8:00 p.m.    Guest Speaker presentation
9:00 p.m.    Meeting wraps up after Guest Speaker question period

Dianne will be giving a slide presentation on some wonderful types of small fruits to grow in our gardens, and sharing valuable information on how to grow them.

Small Fruits - Kiwi issai

Some background about our speaker…

Her first recollection of gardening dates back to age 4, helping her mother sow pea seeds in the vegetable garden. And so began her learning experience on the importance of gardening, gradually understanding being a gardener is more than a simple hobby, it is a way of life. Lucky for her, her parents nurtured her budding gardening career and built her a greenhouse when she was still in grade school.

Small Fruits - Raspberries

During the mid ‘80s, Dianne and her mother joined the Langley Garden Club. Here she blossomed further, garnering more knowledge about plants and gardening, and at the same time, sharing her passion for her garden with like-minded people.

All of this passion led Dianne into continuing her education at the university level, undertaking a major in microbiology with a minor in botany. Following graduation, she was thrilled to join the team at Van Noort Bulb Company’s head office in Langley, B.C. where she currently is the Manager of Marketing and Packaging.

Small Fruits - Gooseberry

Van Noort Bulb Company is a wholesale supplier of spring and summer flowering bulbs, perennials, small fruits, shrubs, and roses to garden centres, growers, and landscapers across Canada. We are very fortunate Dianne will be bringing some of the small fruit plants to our meeting this month.

If you love your fruits, you will not want to miss this sale and presentation.